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A gifted down payment is viewed as an acceptable form of down payment by almost all lenders. Talk to your dominion lending centres mortgage professional to make sure that your lender accepts "gifts" as an acceptable down payment. sample gift Letter

A gift letter confirms that money used for a down payment; let’s say for a mortgage is gift money and not borrowed money. The donor has to write a letter to the recipient’s mortgage bank to indicate the source of the funds and that the recipient has no obligation to repay the money.

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Question Ref to a gift for a down payment for an FHA loan. I am being told by your company that along with the gift letter that The person giving the money has to provide a copy of their bank statement also.

Once you’ve worked out how much of your down payment funds can be gifted, the next step is writing a down payment gift letter. This is required by the lender any time part or all of your down payment is a gift. There’s a specific process for writing the letter and documenting the gift.

What Is a Gift Letter for a Mortgage Down Payment? As it applies to. Your lender may provide you with a gift letter template. If that's the case,

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But they also require the borrower to obtain a "gift letter" from the person(s) providing the funds. This article provides a basic template for a mortgage down payment gift letter, along with some sample verbiage you can use. It also explains the standard rules and requirements for these letters, according to the different loan program guidelines.

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