Triple Net Lease Calculator

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Before I review the financial results in more detail, I’ll remind you that Pason adopted IFRS 16 related to lease accounting. I understand how you calculate that. There is an impact there from IFRS.

A triple net lease (triple-Net or NNN) is a lease agreement on a property where the tenant or lessee agrees to pay all real estate taxes, building insurance, and maintenance (the three "nets") on the property in addition to any normal fees that are expected under the agreement (rent, utilities, etc.).

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triple net lease properties – Understanding Net Operating Income The use of capitalization rates to estimate the value of an income- producing property is essential to the financial analysis of the property.

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On our lease, the landlord must figure the expenses and send a report to the tenants every year. The triple net costs are estimated at the beginning of the lease, but they can go up or down based on the actual expenses accrued. When we took over the building, the tenants were paying NNN costs of $1.50 a square foot.

In a triple net lease, you usually pay base rent, plus property taxes, building insurance and. Talk to a commercial realtor to get up-to-date market lease rates .

Triple net lease properties vary considerably in terms of cap rates – anywhere from 4% to double digits. Higher Cap Rate=Less Expensive The higher the cap rate, the higher the cash flow and the risk, and the less expensive it is. The lower the number, the safer it is – but it’s more expensive.

Calculate taxes and expenses. Sale-leaseback arrangements usually involve triple net leases, which require the company leasing the property to pay for all taxes and expenses associated with the occupancy of the property, such as insurance, utilities and maintenance.